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Mighty Ducks - The Animated Series


Character profiles, little-known facts, and questions answered by the head writer himself. Browse to your heart's content!

The Good Guys - Profiles of the main Mighty Ducks team, as well as their equipment and headquarters.

The Bad Guys - Arch-enemies and rouges are profiled here, as well as their weapons of choice

Other Characters - Friends, neighbors, and other-dimensional beings.

Did You Know? - Interesting little factoids about the show that you may not have realized the first watch through.

David Wise On... - Insight on the show from the head writer, answering questions asked over the years by fans.

Episode Guide - A comprehensive guide to all 26 episodes, in as-aired order.

Tour the Pond - Wander through the team's headquarters.

FAQ - A good starting point for fandom newbies, with more detailed information for long-time fans.


A note on site content: A lot of what appears here has been personally tracked down, scanned, compiled, and posted by myself. I very much appreciate the donated and shared content, and respect and admire the wonderful community that Ducks fans have shared online for so many years. However I ask my visitors to help this website maintain its integrity, by keeping things in their respective places. In other words, please don't leech files from my site to another. If you'd like something from this site on yours, please ask first. 99.9% of the time I'll say yes.



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