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-An unofficial online compendium and database, online and growing since 1996-

Welcome one of the oldest and largest websites dedicated to Disney's Mighty Ducks - The Animated Series. One of the most popular offerings by Walt Disney Television Animation, this show retains a sizable fanbase and internet community, despite being first aired over a decade ago.

Here is your stop for all things Ducks, including exclusive offerings of official Disney material that was never supposed to leave employee hands. You can thank Ebay for that. Here is your guide, watch your step...

Information - Includes character biographies and statistics, show FAQ, little-known facts, a tour of the Pond, episode guides, and more.

History - A timeline of the show, from its first airing to its current broadcasts.

Cast and Credits - Giving credit where credit is due. A breakdown of the names and faces behind the animation.

Multimedia - Screengrabs, sound bites, video clips, and more.

Official Materials - The good stuff, most of which you won't find anywhere else. Straight from the minds at Disney come preproduction work, press kit and press release files, official clip art, promotional materials, and more goodies.

Merchandise Guide -  Your map through the labyrinth of Ducks merchandise, including toys, clothing, decor, and some surprises. Also includes a guide on MD:TAS merchandise in disguise, and a checklist for your own collection.

Drake 1 - Downloadable goodies, official and fan-created. Includes avatars and icons, computer soundschemes, wallpapers and backgrounds, and more!

Fanfiction - The home for my written series: Mighty Ducks - The Dragon Chronicles, as well as series-pertinent information.

Links - Official sites, other fan sites, message boards, and webrings.

Save the Ducks - Pretty much a lost cause now, but I've included this page here as an archive of fan efforts to revive the show from cancellation. Still worth pursuing, in my opinion, to attempt to get Disney to officially release the series on DVD or Blu-ray.



A note on site content: A lot of what appears here has been personally tracked down, scanned, compiled, and posted by myself. I very much appreciate the donated and shared content, and respect and admire the wonderful community that Ducks fans have shared online for so many years. However I ask my visitors to help this website maintain its integrity, by keeping things in their respective places. In other words, please don't leech files from my site to another. If you'd like something from this site on yours, please ask first. 99.9% of the time I'll say yes.



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